Photographer Bio


Channing Braddock (Photographer and Photoshop Guru)

Although a Mississippi native, I relocated to North Carolina for several years before finally making the move to Miami, Florida. I’ve been here since 2008 and have loved every minute of it!

Although my career began as a United States Marine, I quickly discovered my passion for photography and was lucky enough, after my military enlistment to make the switch to professional photographer.  I love the creative freedom photography offers me.  That along with the excitement I see on my clients faces, is what makes photography so worth while and fulfilling to me.

I’m often asked to describe my style of photography, and I’m never sure how to answer. I can just “see” a particular image in my head and then rely on my education & experience to create that image for my client. Every portrait session or wedding should feel fun and effortless for my clients, and I provide professional-quality memories for them to cherish.

Thank you for visiting the Richdon Photography website. Please enjoy the image galleries, and if I can be of service to you please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Amanda Braddock (Photographer and “The Brains”)


Tiffany Walker ( Photographer and Fashionista)